Ransomware is a malicious program which is designed for blocking the access and encrypt the data, demands for ransom to unblock it. it installs clandestinely in any system and adversely affect. It generally locks the screen or make inaccessible the user’s file until a ransom is paid to the developer to decrypt it. In addition, it may involve in stealing the important data of user by which it can terminate the legitimate software and can cause malicious activities. Initially it was used in Russia but now it has been spread all over the world.

Types of Ransomware

Encrypting Ransomware: It includes advanced encryption algorithms. It is developed to encrypt the files of user and demand money to provide the key to decrypt it. It infiltrates via Trojans and after entering in the PC it starts to encrypt the files. Additionally, it shows warning messages on the screen and claims for money to decrypt the file.

Locker ransomware: in this, the ransomware locks the operating system and make it difficult to access the computer. In this the files are not encrypted instead of that the attacker asks for money to unlock the system of victim. It works on java script that blocks the web browser and cause to show warning messages on the screen.

Exceptional characteristics of Ransomware

  • It is capable to encrypt any kind of files, audio files, videos, documents etc.
  • It can encrypt your file’s name, so that you cannot know which data was altered. This trick is used to complicate and force victims for paying the money.
  • It adds different kind of extension files to signal a specific type of ransomware strain.
  • It can be spread to other PCs connected in a local network, creating further damage.
  • It customs a compound set of evasion methods to be undetected from anti-virus software.


  • Don’t stock your imperative data only in computer.
  • The operating system you are using is up to date which includes latest security updates.
  • Never click on spam e-mails and suspicious e-mails.
  • Always, use a reliable anti-virus software. In addition, which has real time scanner and automatic update.
  • Always look for any mistakes in the name of websites that you are using, sometimes by changing in spell the attackers do the attacks on your PC.
  • Do not click on any suspicious link attached with e-mails and messages.