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What is Adware?

Have you ever suffered with slow processing of your computer? Or your webpage starts to switch too fast? Or some kind of banner and posters appear on your computer screen? Well it’s nothing but Adware. Which disrupt the functions of your computer while surfing the internet. Generally, users got tempted towards these pop-ups and click on it and get infected. It is generally dangerous when it is in your computer. It can gather your personal data and information and can give it to the third party. Adware is made by the advertisers so that they can earn money on clicking on pop-ups.

Ways of distribution

Adware can be installed by shareware programs (software, distributed informally for information). When you download these shareware programs from curtain websites that are not legitimately secured. Stay away from the advertisement that will give a lot for nothing.

Whenever, you see “Wow congratulations, you are our lucky winner. You have won 100,000,000. To get it. Just click the link shown on your screen”. Firstly, check whether that source is reliable or not.

You also get this by just simply visiting the infectious website. It can cause of unauthorized installation of adware in your system. They hide themselves in internet files or cookies of browsing history, these programs work as normal file and can’t get detected.


Sometimes, adware programs interrupt activity by showing pop-ups windows continually, whether you are connected with internet or not. This is because your web browser has been hacked, perhaps exchanged with offensive content. On typing in search engines, your web request may be redirected to other internal locations. It sometimes, install unwanted software in your system. If you are facing these troubles, then your PC is fighting with adware.

How to prevent PC from adware infection?

It is very difficult to know whether a system is infected or not with adware. So always have an up to date versions of adware removal products.

Otherwise, you can be booting up in safe mood. It will allow the most important processes to be done. And while using safe mood please ensure that all the adware fill has been destroyed. Once you’re ready and successively in safe mood, open anti-adware and allow it to complete scan, thus allowing this eliminate any last traces of contagions found.