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Spyware.. image source Spyware Spyware is a malicious program or piece of code that can be installed without any consent of user in order to acquire information and initialize illegitimate activities from user’s system. It can communicate user’s confidential, personal information or login credential to the hacker. This information includes your browsing habits also it … Continue reading Spyware

Urgent chrome Update

How to remove Urgent Chrome Update? The fundamental reason to compose this article is to disclose all of data about “Urgent Chrome Update”. In this article, you will get every one of the stuffs identified with Urgent Chrome Update. In addition, you would become acquainted with how to expel Urgent Chrome Update from your PC? … Continue reading Urgent chrome Update


Trojan Horses…. image source Trojans Trojans (aka Trojan horses) are programs or software, designed for breaching the security system of any computer in which it is installed. These are malicious programs, used for spying or stealing the data from system or to disrupt computer’s performance and speed. Usually, these are installed by tricking in the … Continue reading Trojan


PUP (potentially unwanted program)….. What is PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs)? PUP acronym of “potentially unwanted programs” or “possibly unwanted programs” are the programs which are responsible for creating security issue. Sometimes, these are known as riskware, offerware, grayware etc. these kinds of programs cannot be categorized as adware, browser hijacker, dialer, scareware, system tools, spyware … Continue reading PUP