how to remove Cryptolocker, simplest steps to remove Cryptolocker

How to remove CryptoLocker ransomware from PC manually?


On reading this article, you would get all the essential information about how to remove CryptoLocker from computer? not only removal of CryptoLocker but also some useful stuff which is necessary you to know.


CryptoLocker is a ransomware which is designed to con people from all over the world. Although, the previous versions have gone but its latest variants are still robbing users. This infiltrates with the help of any free downloading program. And, start to do malicious activities which harm users. Initially, CryptoLocker was detected in year 2013. But, now as it is 2017 and we are facing its newest version to affect. It retrieves your personal information and lock that particular file. And, in order to open that file, it demands money from user. So, in that case user have to pay the money to hacker.

Unfavorable activities from CryptoLocker

It infects the system by creating .pdf, .png and another file and these infected files often taint with another installed application.

This ransomware consumes lots of memory space and cause decrement in the performance of system.

This ransomware makes Windows computer aim to infect by numerous malware.

In addition, it compels the user to give money to the hackers and makes difficulty to operate the computer effectively.

Moreover, this malware has tendency to track your all online activity. And, can send that data to third-party.

Infiltration of this malware

This malware can enter your PC with the help of spam mail. Generally, they combine with attachment and gets install.

Moreover, it can come from removal drive which is acquiring any malicious content and as you connect, it leads to install it.

In addition, on logging to any malicious sites such as porn, gambling and other would lead you to install it.

This ransomware can infiltrate most of the time with freeware. Since, freeware is available on any website easily. But, these products are not reliable for you.

In addition, whenever you click on any link provided over the websites might have malicious content. And, you might get this on your computer.

Moreover, spam mail or junk mail can be a reason to get it. If you are finding any mail from any unknown ID then before clicking make ensure that it is reliable. Because, by your single click it can infiltrate your system.


For keeping safe your system, you would need to have an anti-malware in your system. So that, any malware would not come in to your system. Moreover, it is advisable to have good practices of using computer.

How to remove Cryptolocker automatically from computer?

Malwarbytes anti-malware

  1. Firstly, just download the Malwarebytes anti-malware program on your system and install it.
  2. Then, you need to open it in your computer and as you open click on scan now option.
  3. Consequently, on clicking on scan now option it would start the scanning and will detect all the malicious files.
  4. Afterwards, you will see all the malicious file on your desktop.
  5. Then, you would require to opt all the malicious files and click on remove option provided over there.
  6. After clicking on remove option you would require to restart the computer.

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For manual removal of Cryptolocker from your computer you would require to complete these given steps:

How to remove it from computer manually?

Removal of registry

  1. For the first step, tap start button then click on run.
  2. Further, write REGEDIT in the open box
  3. Afterwards, tap on ok.

From windows 10

  1. In the first place, tap on start then settings after that apps & features.
  2. Then, search Cryptolocker.
  3. Further, tap on uninstall.
  4. Afterwards, confirm by taping on confirm option.

From windows 8 or 8.1

  1. Firstly, tap on window icon.
  2. Then, tap on menu then control panel after that click on programs and features then uninstall a program.
  3. Further, search Cryptolocker.
  4. Afterwards, uninstall it.

From windows 7 or vista

  1. In the first place, tap on start then control panel consequently tap programs and features
  2. Then, click on uninstall a program.
  3. Afterward, search Cryptolocker.
  4. Then, by taping uninstall it.

From windows XP

  1. Just tap on start option on your desktop then control panel further go to add or remove programs.
  2. Afterwards, search Cryptolocker.
  3. And, disable entries.



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