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Spyware is a malicious program or piece of code that can be installed without any consent of user in order to acquire information and initialize illegitimate activities from user’s system. It can communicate user’s confidential, personal information or login credential to the hacker. This information includes your browsing habits also it can be recorded by keystrokes or capturing the screen shots. It also affects the performance of system by installing another malware resultant, change in computer settings, reduction in connection speed, change in homepage, disrupt connection ability and so on. It also promotes to show pop-ups on your screen to track victim’s behavior of surfing.

Effects and ways of spreading

Shareware: Whenever, you download a shareware, you also get chance of getting spyware also. Generally, it comes bundled along with this kind of software including add-on, plugins and extensions. Unfortunately, mostly add-on are third party malicious spyware threats even after uninstalling the host application it doesn’t remove threats.

False marketing: Some of the developer create malicious spyware and represent as very useful products by false marketing. Such programs claim that it will increase your internet speed, increase downloading speed, and a powerful searching tools. Users get tempted and download immediately. However, they are practically completely useless. Although it can manually be deleted but the traces of malware remain in the system.

Security vulnerabilities: It is most usual way of spreading the spyware using web browser. The vendors operate unsecure websites which is filled with malicious content and distributed by unsafe pop-ups, links, and banners via e-mail. When user just click on it to have a check on it, it gets installed automatically and start to infect the system.

Other threats: Some of the spyware are spread with other malevolent viruses like Trojan horses, adware, backdoors, worms, browsing hijacker etc. They help to spyware to infiltrate in the computer.


To protect your system to get any spyware, never download or click on suspicious e-mail attachments. It may be infected files. Many of users, rush to internet to find a good and reliable anti-spyware but some of spyware removal sites are the host of spyware. Never rely on a website that claim for full solution at no cost. So, always install a software which is capable of providing advanced security and full scanning of system even special threat signature database and have ability to remove it such as Reimage and Plumbytes.

In few cases, it does not work then ask for an expert help.



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